Presence. Project about to be in a moment.

"Modern digital world is overflown with information in absolutely every sphere. It is easy to get lost in this abundance of the information, especially for a creative and curious mind. Instead of turning inward, to our inner worlds and values, we are constantly triggered by external stimuli to reflect and reflex on someone else’s creations.

This is especially true about the world of photography. The External dominates over the Internal. Being present in the moment, hic et nunc, as spiritual teachings advise us, is the first step towards revealing you own creative potential.

When your awareness increases, your mind is not worrying about the future or trying to remember the past. It is just observing instead. It is observing here and now, this special, beautiful moment. It is in such a moment that you find yourself walking the most wonderful path - the path of the Creator"

Limited edition prints on brushed aluminum.

5 prints each photo, signed behind.

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