My project I done during lockdown with simple things I used every day..  Tableware, yoga mat, tablet for post production and flower pot..

Same words about it - "Beauty is in symmetry and regularity. Two notions of geometry, are of particular significance for the orderliness of the form. Symmetry is a visual manifestation of the harmony, which can be conceptualized as a formula. In essence, to discover a formula is to reveal the beauty of the matter.

Yet, a strict and repetitive pattern may yield the aesthetics that is cold, devoid of emotion and affection.

Exploring the theme of symmetry in this project, I searched for the sensual and affective component of the formula. In my quest, I discovered that it is rhythm that reveals the symmetrical properties of the form while preserving the emotional energy of the matter. The rhythm of interaction between light and shadow, as between yin and yang, makes the geometry poetic and pours life with its passions and complexities into the otherwise empty forms"

Limited edition prints on brushed aluminum.

5 prints each photo, signed behind. 

More information in Contact. 

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